Can I hire you to update my website?

If you are a PubCare customer the answer is yes, we do have a team dedicated to working with our publisher clients.

We will install and configure/style plugins, add code, style subscription elements, mobile optimize, develop navigation, create graphics, and update website layouts and themes.

Includes a staging server to work on your site before we take edits live

Here are our hourly bundles for general website development:

  • 2 hours/month = $295/mo
  • 5 hours/mo = $495/mo

We do not roll over hours, 3 month minimum, then cancel at any time.

Note: Custom PHP programming and single hours, are charged at our standard $250/hour rate. Large projects are quoted at a fixed rate. This rate applies if we need to add or create php code from scratch to create a new function. Ex: a plugin does A, B, C but not D. New php function: Develop php function to do D.
If you can't find a local WordPress developer try
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