Leaky Paywall - SimpleCirc integration


After installing the Leaky Paywall - SimpleCirc addon, go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > SimpleCirc.  Enter the required settings. 

Level Settings

This integration uses the Leaky Paywall registration form, so you need to set the number of issues a new subscriber gets in SimpleCirc depending on the level purchased. You can also override the global Postage ID for the level if needed. 

Account Lookup

For your existing SimpleCirc subscribers, you can send them to your Account Lookup page to create their online login and access to the site. 

Create a page and add the shortcode [leaky_paywall_simplecirc_account_lookup] to it.  The user can now enter their SimpleCirc account id and zip code.  Once verified, they can create an email and password to use with the site.  This email address is sent back to their SimpleCirc account, keeping everything in sync. 


Free registrations will get passed to SimpleCirc

Logging in: If there is an active subscriber in SimpleCirc they can simply login to your website and the email and password they enter will create a Leaky Paywall/WordPress account and log them in on the spot. We recommend you create a dedicated Leaky Paywall login page that includes instructions that says something like: "If you have an account simply login with your email address and choose a password to gain access"

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