How to manage large Group Accounts using Leaky Paywall Bulk Import

Note: Group Accounts cannot be mass imported using the Leaky Paywall Bulk Import tool. This documentation is an alternative method for mass importing and managing a large number of group-style accounts.

When to use this method: When entering group account members one-by-one is not feasible for your client.

Being able to bulk import and manage large amounts of group-style accounts is crucial when dealing with high-volume clients. In this tutorial, we'll explore an alternative method for managing group-style accounts.

  1. Under Leaky Paywall -> Settings -> Subscriptions create a custom subscription level for your group. Enter the name of the group (Company ABC) as the subscription level name. Note the level ID.
  2. Set the subscription level amount for Company ABC. Be sure to hide this plan from your subscription cards.
  3. After payment from your group-style main subscriber, you'll want to bulk import the email accounts provided by Company ABC matching them to the level ID noted in step 1.
  4. Make sure that these email accounts match up with the correct level ID. This will help you manage these specific accounts in the future.

Note: The bulk imported accounts will not be given additional time when the main subscriber renews. Expiration dates will need to be managed manually using the Leaky Paywall Bulk Import tool.

  1. When it's time to update the subscription expiration dates for Company ABC accounts, use the Leaky Paywall Reporting Tool to export only Company ABC accounts.
  2. Copy and paste the emails and level ID to a Bulk Import template.
  3. Adjust the expiration date for all users.
  4. Save as a CSV and import into Leaky Paywall Bulk Import.