Grow revenues by hiding ads from members or premium+ subscribers

Are you looking for a simple and fast way to generate additional revenue for your publication? You don’t even have to create any extra content.

Consider adding a premium+ or membership level subscription that hides your ads. 

Depending on the website, ad displays can visually get in the way of the reader's experience pretty dramatically.  It's bad enough that 40% of readers on the web use ad blockers. Third party network ads especially slow down the performance of your website, and site speed is critical for SEO visibility.

Income impact example

Let's say you run a business-to-consumer publication. Your monthly recurring subscription is $5. 

Create a membership or premium+ plus subscription level at $7 per month. That's +$24/year or a 40% increase in subscription revenue per new member. This outperforms the income that you would receive from most network advertising. You would need 1000’s of ad impressions per subscriber each month to equal the extra revenue you generate. You will also be giving your best fans a better experience.

So how do you hide ads from my members?

With our Ad Dropper plug-in you can easily hide all ads that you publish on your website from specific subscription levels. You can publish banner ads, text ads, video ads, and embed network (Google or other) ad code. 

Simply choose which subscription levels automatically hide your ads. This means your casual visitors and free level subscribers would still see the ads on your website. Keep in mind the bulk of your website traffic is from your casual (not logged in) visitors... so impact on ad revenue is minor. 

If someone is logged in as a premium plus or membership level subscriber, they will not see any ads and they are paying you for that privilege. It's a win for everyone. 

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard > Ad Dropper > Settings
  2. Simply check off the subscription levels you want to hide all ads to
  3. Save and test

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