Do you offer password-less login?

We actually had a password-less login when we first launched Leaky Paywall years ago.

What didn't work:

  1. Mobile apps created huge headaches for subscribers. They would use Ex: the Facebook app browser in iOS to reset their password. When they clicked the reset link in Mail they were redirected to the Safari browser to login. They would then go back to the article they were reading in the Facebook app browser and not be logged in
  2. Corporate email filters would 'click' the password reset to check for malware and expire the verification link which made the links not work
  3. Our UniPress app login relies on the same WordPress email/password credentials. We used to use a login code for app access but subscribers found it confusing 

Publishers were dealing with large login support requests. When we switched back to the standard user/password login these issues were reduced.

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