Customizing your subscription nag

After your reader uses up their free articles, your subscription nag will be displayed. How can you customize your nag to motivate readers to subscribe? In the Leaky Paywall Settings > General tab > Subscribe or Login Message you can simply add html to create a custom subscription nag. Below are some ideas and...

We also have Free level and Paid level subscription nag code that you can use below.

Recommended: Consider setting up a free subscription level to build your email list. Ex: If your meter is set to 3 free articles per month, create a free subscription level that gives those free level subscribers 6 or 10 articles per month. This will build your email list quickly and as you send your content to those new free subscribers over time, it will dramatically increase their chance of paying for a subscription. How to set up a free subscription level

Here are some ideas for your paid subscription prompt:

1. Keep it simple

2. Bump up the font size

Large header text will grab your readers attention


3. Add more content

Give ready the pitch right up front

How do you easily add this content to the subscriber nag box ?

In WordPress go to Leaky Paywall/Settings and find the following box:

Modify the code here as needed to customize your subscription nag.

A code example of customizing the free subscribe nag

The html code below will output a subscription nag similar to this (feel free to edit and use this html):

A code example of a paid subscribe nag

The html code below will output a subscription nag similar to this (feel free to edit and use this html): 

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